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            Mangaldai Bar Association was established on 29th April 1912. The six most respectful persons behind the Bar Association are-
1. Suklal Ghosh (Date of Joining 23rd October 1916)
 2. Tapeshwar Sharma (Joining July 1916)
 3. Purnananda Rajkhowa (Joining1916)
 4. Hiralal Bose (Joining1916)              
 5. Kumudram Bora (Joining1916)                   
 6. Ratneshwar Dasgupta (Joining1916)           

           At that time, to maintain and conserve the specific features, a Constitution was written .This Constitution was applied from 12th November 1925. This Constitution is rectified many times up to till date.  

          Some of the respected Moctars  and Advocates  at the time of establishment of Bar Association are: Bhogram Patowary, Muktinath Goswami, Naranath Rajkhowa, Nabin Sharma, Purandar Ram Sharma, Rameshwar Sharma, Pravat Ch.Ghosh, Nilokanta Choudhary, Kartik Ch. Baruah, Badaruddin Ahmed etc.

         Although in 1839 the process of  trying accused persons was started in Darrang district, still there was not any Bar Association was legally formed. However, many layers were practicing in Darrang including Mangaldai station, and they were not specifically any degree holders. Subsequently Mortars course was introduced and any Matriculate could pass this course and were eligible for practicing. However, in civil cases, they were to obtain special permission in filing every case and side-by-side, BL course was introduced in the Earl Low College .Thereafter many BL s joined in the Bar Association of Darrang.

             In the early stage, there was no any rest room or library for the bar members. They sat under the open sky. In 1929, the general rest room was constructed by the PWD Contractor,  Jog Bondhu Das who  beared  the total cost for this. Later, The Bar Association paid the construction cost of the rest room to him. From that time the Association aimed to build a RCC building. At present, The Bar council is full fledged RCC building with Library and Restroom.

       Mangaldai Bar  Association  is directly registered to All Assam Lower`s Associatoion. At the same time it is directly related to Bar Council of India also. The association is related to welfare Fund and Legal Aid Cell. The association has four regular salaried employees.

            Many advocates joined in Assam Judicial Service from this Association. Some of them are Siba Prasad Rajkhowa, Gobindaram Baruah, Abba Uddin Ahmed, Upen Saikia, Abdul Rahim, Hali Ram Basumotary, Sarada Saharia, Hanif Ali, Mir Alfaj Ali, Aruna Debi, Pranita Rajmedhi, Jogeswar Borah, Satyanath Borah, Nityananda Talukdar etc. Saya Rani Devi was the first lady advocate of Mangaldai Bar Association  who joined on5th March of 1984.

At Present The Office Beareres and Executive Committee Members are:

  1. Lakshmi Kanta Saikia , President.
  2. Md Abdul Rajek ,Vice President
  3. Hari Ram Saharia, Vice President
  4. Sadananda Deka, Secretary.
  5. Bhabendra Sarma. Asst. secretary.
  6. Md Mirza Gias, Asst. secretary.
  7. Sailendra Kr Sarma Baruah, Asstt. Secretary
  8. Md Rekibul Alam , Library secy.
  1. Md. Abdul Hannan.
  2. Md Akbar Ali.
  3. Bhaba Kt Sarma .
  4. Md Baharul Islam .
  5. Md Faijur Rahman .
  6. Dibya Jyoti Saharia.
  7. Jugal Kr Saikia.
  8. Rajib Deka.                                
  9. Md Fazlul Hoque .
  10. Nazrul Hussain.
  11. Md Faruk Hazarika .
  12. Miss Sabina Yashmin .




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